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We specialize in marketing products, management of sales/international shopping, opening markets and to identify and develop new business; offering consulting services and recommendations in many theoretical and operational aspects that comprise foreign trade in a complementary manner. Our projects are defined by the following characteristics: personalization, effectiveness, transparency and confidentiality.

Our services are:

  • International marketing

    We sell, we detect demands/offers of products or services, are looking for international suppliers/customers to meet those needs and sell directly to our customers, import and export. [More information]

  • International commercial representation

    If what you need is to have a partner that represents and promotes your products or services, we offer the service of representation. [More information]

  • Outsourcing of operations

    Outsource or outsourcing under this scheme as its Department of international trade Act wholly or partly performing the functions involved or supporting the operations of foreign trade of your company in specific tasks. [More information]

  • International commercial management

    If your company has made progress in the development of the market and needs to increase its sales force or you are trying to access new markets, we work as their international trade. If you plan a campaign of international sales and need extra support for your sales team, we can act and commercial for your company during activation of the market, working in conjunction with its international sales department. [More information]

  • Advice and consultancy

    Gestinalis Global Solutions we want to contribute to the promotion of international trade, to the development and diversification of the exports of the companies. We put at your disposal our consulting service, where you can send us concerns, problems, or comments on issues related to the performance of external trade. [More information]

  • Gestinalis Global Solutions

    Company of services of import, export, international representation, trade and commercialization of products.

    We are specialized in the investigation of market channels and strategies of distribution or sale of products of national companies abroad.

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